Air Conditioning vs. Ceiling Fan, Which One Do You Need For Your Warragul Home?

Australia’s ambient air temperatures can swing wildly from wet mornings to scorching hot afternoons to severely cold nights, and most people here don’t give it a second thought. We must be prepared to manage the heat when there are unexpected heat waves, which is why the choice between a ceiling fan installation Warragul and an air conditioner is a crucial one to make.

Even while both of these systems function to keep our houses cool and pleasant under hot weather conditions, they are vastly different in what they do, how they’re put in place and a broad range of other differences. So, this article aims to break the basics down for you.

Technical Differences

Even though they are totally different in their appearances, the fact that they are sometimes used interchangeably calls for an explanation of the technical differences between the two. Everyone knows what a ceiling fan installation Warragul and an air conditioner are and what they do, but the issue of how they function might be a little more challenging to elaborate on for some:

Air Conditioners

It’s a well-known fact that an air conditioner is more complicated to install than a ceiling fan. In an air conditioner, there is an evaporator coil that absorbs heat from the air, which then cools the air before a fan blows that air into your room. The absorbed heat turns the refrigerant to change phase from liquid to gas form, expanding in volume in the process. An external compressor helps reduce the refrigerant gas’ volume by pushing it out into a condenser where it can release heat. Upon releasing heat, it cools and reverts to a liquid state.

Ceiling Fans

In contrast to how an air conditioner works, a ceiling fan installation Warragul does not modify the air it moves. It only affects the distribution of heat in a space by encouraging airflow like the natural movement of the wind. With an electric motor, the fan blades are turned to push and circulate the air in the room. The air will then be cooled and the heat redistributed by this circulation, albeit less directly than by an air conditioner.

Practical Differences

Although both are used to cool down a space, their fundamental purposes are entirely different. An air conditioner is a piece of equipment or system that changes and removes heat from the air. On the other hand, a ceiling fan does not have the potential to cool a space instead of relying on the cooling effect of air movement.

Having said that, ceiling fans are not nor should they be seen as inferior to air conditioners in any way. Ceiling fans only happen to provide a different set of features and advantages. When comparing efficiency, environmental friendliness, and ease of maintenance, ceiling fans top air conditioners as the superior option for big places where air conditioning isn’t necessary. The negative point with ceiling fan installation Warragul is that you can’t directly control how chilly the space becomes since the fan isn’t cooling down the room’s temperature in the technical sense.

Ceiling Fan Warragul

Whichever you choose to cool your room, remember that each has advantages and disadvantages. However, as the weather becomes hot, I’m sure you’ll be grateful for whatever means you have to keep cool and comfortable.

Ahead of purchasing your cooling system, are you researching the pros and cons of both ceiling fans and air conditioners? We can help you with anything when it comes to cooling systems – from installation to routine maintenance and repair work. We can take care of any cooling system you think is best for your needs. Call or visit us today at our office in Warragul for a no-obligation estimate to give you a starting point in this new project.

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