How To Make Your Warragul Home More Energy-Efficient

You need an electrician Warragul to make sure your home is energy-efficient. But what does it suggest when we say that something is energy-efficient? Well, it’s all about getting the most value for the buck when it comes to your power bill. It might also be a matter of spending less on utility costs than your neighbours, even though you all live in the same neighbourhood and use the same kind of appliances. Either way, you’ll save money by having a more energy-efficient home. This also includes environmental stewardship as lowering your energy use also implies lessening its effect on the environment (e.g. lower fuel usage, carbon footprint).

Making your house more energy-efficient is something that many experienced electricians Warragul can help you with. They have mastered the art of implementing green solutions that minimise your power cost. Low-cost options are available that will retain your prefered degree of comfort without the need to cut down on your usage of certain appliances.

Making An Old Home Energy-Efficient

The first step is to make a few changes to your existing home. Your priority should be to save money on your heating and cooling costs by minimising the amount of heat entering and remaining in your home. If you didn’t already know, the air conditioner accounts for a significant portion of your monthly power cost.

Minimising the air change in a space can be achieved by insulating and sealing the cracks to keep the heat out and retain the cold air. Unfortunately, many older houses were built with many openings that can reduce the cooling power of central air conditioners. But with sufficient insulation, the cool air will remain on the premises.

In addition to installing insulation and sealing the leaks, many owners of these old homes also replace the windows and doors, then add curtains and blinds. This ensures that there’ll be no holes or gaps for outside air to get in through. It is also a common and good practice for people to shut their blinds during the hottest hours of the day.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make these changes. Your trusted electrician Warragul can check your home and provide you with recommendations on how you can save on electricity consumption. After a few months, you’ll see a considerable return on investment.

Using Smart Home Devices

Over a billion dollars are lost every year in Australia due to unattended air conditioners due to some bad habits. On average, many air conditioners run for several extra hours every day, wasting hundreds of dollars per month.

Habits are hard to break, so the more straightforward approach to mitigating this is installing smart technology in your home or choosing an air conditioner with smart features. With smart tech in place, your air conditioner and other appliances will switch off (or go into power-saving mode) if it detects that there is limited activity in the room. To learn more about smart home devices, speak with your electrician Warragul.

The initial cost of smart home devices can be high, but it will pay for itself over time by cutting your monthly power bills.

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Using Solar-Powered Devices

In Australia, annual energy costs rise to 15% every year, which can significantly impact your finances. You can combat this with solar panels that can save up to 70% of your monthly electric expense. Another helpful thing about solar panels is that they can be installed in old and new homes.

Even if solar-powered installations become more affordable in the future, they may still be too costly to install. The good news is that solar-powered systems may pay for themselves in only a few years.

Upgrading Electrical System

Electrical flow is less efficient and less steady if it is impeded by an ageing wire and other obsolete electrical components. More significantly, they pose a fire threat, particularly in older homes and buildings with fewer fire protection measures in place. To reduce your home’s energy consumption and increase safety in your home, get an experienced electrician Warragul to upgrade it with modern electrical components and fixtures.

Your old appliances may also fail due to electrical surges and fluctuations in voltage or frequency. It is highly recommended to upgrade your appliances or install protective measures such as surge protectors. The system may also need to be upgraded to handle increased amperage in certain circumstances to accommodate the increase in connected electrical equipment and devices as your family grows and gets modernised.

When it comes to the electrical system, upgrading it is often a matter of need. There are several indicators that a home’s wiring needs to be upgraded, such as the following:

These issues may appear minor (except to the eyes of an electrician Warragul), but they might be signs of more severe issues. If you leave them unaddressed, they will only become worse and unsafe. Keep in mind that older houses with deteriorated construction materials provide a more significant fire risk and may result in more extensive damage if any part of its electrical system fails.

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