Signs That You Might Need An Electrician For Your Warragul Home

We’ve seen plenty of fire incidents which were later found out to be caused by electrical problems. This worst-case scenario could have been avoided if only each of those homes were checked by an electrician Warragul. 

Some electrical issues give out tell-tales or early signs before they turn into worse or disaster like electrical fires burning your house down, as described above. You need to call a licensed electrician immediately as soon as you see any of the warning signs listed in this article. These red flags might be signs of a more serious issue in your electrical system or a potential electrical problem if left unaddressed.

For most of the common electrical issues, it doesn’t take a professional to notice them as they’re visible, audible, or even ‘smellable’. When you find one, waste no time and pick up the phone to call an electrician Warragul to handle the situation.

Identifying Electrical Problems in Your House

Electrical issues can quickly turn into a disaster which could cost you your home or even the lives of everyone living in your house. So, this is a very serious matter, and you should be watchful for the early signs of trouble as listed below. And just in case, make sure you always have the number of an electrician Warragul in your contact list.

Foul smell from something burning

One of the easier to notice signs that something is wrong is when you smell something burning (like a plastic or wire), and it often comes with a smoke coming out of your electrical outlets and appliances. If not dealt with immediately, it can produce enough heat to light up a fire on the wiring, appliances, or worst of all, your home!

So, if any of your appliances or devices emits a burning smell, your immediate action should be to unplug it from the socket and put it away in a safe area. The next thing to do is to contact your electrician Warragul to have a look at your situation and fix whatever caused it.

Electric lights that are flickering

Flickering lights can be annoying, and your immediate thought upon seeing one might be that the light bulb needs replacement. You then will ignore it until you buy a new one. You might be right sometimes or even most of the time, but a flickering light is not always as simple as a dying bulb. It’s not always harmless. There are cases where flickering lights are an indication of something worse, a problem within your electrical system that went unnoticed.

You will need to call in an electrician in case the flickering lights happen more frequently than usually observed. You also should know that there are other reasons why lights flicker, other than a loose or faulty bulb, as follows:

As you can see, these causes are more serious than a bulb issue. So if ever you experience continuous or repeated flickering lights, especially after replacing the bulb, immediately contact an electrician Warragul.

Electrical outlet that’s loose or faulty

Ever experienced pulling an electrical plug away from an outlet and the socket or the outlet itself pulls away? Well then, it’s time to replace that loose outlet. Otherwise, it could cause some serious trouble like electrical arcing or sparks, short circuits, or even fire hazards. 

Your appliances or gadgets are in danger of getting damaged when connected to some loose outlets, as the electric flow to these outlets are now disrupted. To normalise the flow of electricity in all the outlets in your home, any faulty or loose outlet must be replaced. 

To make sure all your home outlets are safe for use, they must each be tested by a licensed electrician using a cube or block tester. You can also do simple things like making sure the screws in all outlets are tight, and the wiring is secured and hidden away inside the receptacle box.

Complicated network of electrical wiring

When an electrical wiring network is messy, complicated, and just all over the place, it’s most probably done by someone who is not a real professional electrician. Electrical wiring should not tangle or coil around, it should not be complicated. An electrical wiring network done by licensed electrician Warragul is laid out and arranged neatly.

Fixing a complicated electrical wiring network is a tedious job, but it must be done to eliminate risks of accidents and injuries from tripping over the wires and short-circuiting. A professional electrician will have to check the electrical layout plan drawing, if available, to assess how the system can be improved. If the layout drawing is not available, the whole network must be thoroughly inspected line by line.

Buzzing or humming sound

It’s always bad news whenever you switch on the light, you hear an electric buzzing sound. If this happens to you, you need to immediately turn off the switch and plug down your main circuit breaker. There is something going on with the wiring that is wrong and potentially dangerous.

It could be the electrical wiring is outdated or undersized for the appliances you have at home. In this case, your electrical system requires an upgrade by an electrician Warragul. Other possible causes of buzzing or humming sound are faulty wiring, short-circuiting (especially inside an outlet receptacle), or loose electrical connections which could also produce some arcing effect.

Regardless of which cause the sound, a professional electrician must be contacted immediately to check and fix it before it gets worse.

Problems with the circuit breaker

By definition, a circuit breaker is a safety device that prevents damage to electrical appliances and wiring when the current flowing through the electrical circuit exceeds its design limits. It does this by removing the current from a circuit when an unsafe condition arises. 

So if your circuit breaker keeps tripping whenever you use a high-voltage appliance, then there’s something wrong with it. Perhaps the design limits need to be rechecked or fuses are faulty. And if your circuit breaker is old and outdated, it might need to be upgraded, or best if replaced altogether. Upgrade or replacement of circuit breakers should only be carried out by a licensed electrician Warragul.

Licensed Electrician to Deal with Your Electrical Problems

If you are faced with any of the above situations, get some help from a professional electrician to deal with it. If you are in Warragul, you can contact us and speak to one of our experts regarding whatever electrical emergency you have. We can perform a thorough inspection of your electrical system, even when you think there’s no problem with it, but you can never be too sure when it comes to electricity. And of course, we also provide non-emergency electrical services for your home, from replacing a blown fuse, fixing/replacing faulty switches and outlets, to upgrading/replacing your electrical main panels.

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